23 Mar 2019 c.e.
10 Years of Twitter

I signed up for Twitter on March 5, 2009. I can't remember why or how I heard about Twitter, or who thought it'd be a good idea for me to get on it. I was in college at the time, and worked as a TA for a professor in the school of Management Information Systems. I strongly suspect she asked me to get on to help promote events that she was running and the like, but it's hard to say. One of the most defining memories I have of it was tweeting from the bus via flip-phone SMS messages to a short code.

Anyway. I've been on the platform, off an on for the last decade. In honor of a decade of tweeting, I downloaded my archive and compiled some stats about how I've used the platform since then.


I downloaded the entirety of my Twitter archive from the settings page on March 19th, and then used this python script to sort through things. It's not really well stitched together, but if you want to try it out, here's a general set of commands that I run to get it going:

$ python3
>>> exec(open('script.py').read())
>>> tweets = load_tweets('tweets.csv')
>>> tweets[-1]['text'] # this is your first ever tweet!


Ok, so here's some basic @niftynei tweet stats, from Mar 5, 2009 to Mar 19, 2019:


    Total tweets: 18,780
    Retweets: 2,334
    'Self authored' tweets: 16,446

    Total characters: 1,187,164
    Average characters per tweet: 72
    Total 'words' tweeted, excluding retweets: 186,316


    Replied to: 1,448 accounts
    Most replied to: myself (3,532)
    Top five replied to, links are to first reply ever:
      @zmagg (245)
      @vgr (189)
      @jc4p (169)
      @turtlekiosk (130)
      @lchamberlin (108)

    Longest tweet (by characters): 302 chars, 278 w/o link     Longest tweet (by words): 56 words, 271 characters

    Longest gap between tweets: 319 days, 1:17:08
    Second longest gap: 138 days, 4:36:53
    Shortest gap between tweets: 0 days, 00:00:00
    Median gap length: 0 days, 0:06:21
    Average gap length: 4:01:30

    Most tweets in a day, with retweets: 120


I also found some 'collections' of tweets that I did, based on hashtag. Here's a set of 'quotes' from 'Bob Moses, Software Project Manager' I wrote in 2015, right after reading Caro's Robert Moses book.

  • Jill who'd you tell about our plans to shut down that API? Well, Tim Cook just Slacked me about it #BobMosesSoftware
  • We've already invested two weeks. If we cut it now, it'd be a waste of developer, server, and your time #BobMosesSoftware
  • Make the button blue? Impossible. #BobMosesSoftware
  • These AB test numbers have links to private interests. #BobMosesSoftware
  • Look, the PM who sponsored this feature was a pitiful excuse for a person, and a crank. #BobMosesSoftware

Here's a collection of #words, some with more meaning than others:

  • ex pose say #words
  • bingo buzzchain bandit #words
  • concurrently battling an ur-reductive mental trip #words
  • physical manifestation at the hilt of representation #words
  • strong bold memories of Europe sunshine in the spring #words
  • It's a trinidadian dance funk kind of afternoon of the likes only Pitbull can satisfice #words
  • axiotic dimensional #words
  • "There were 6 right answers but I only knew one" #words
  • some trips you don't come back from 🍃 #words
  • dispatches from the hallowed halls of productivity theater #words
  • Vinculated to the predicated #words
  • What would it mean? To never know the joy of driving a nail, firmly flush with the wood top of your coffin. #words
  • deliciously voyeuriste #words
  • Skewed perceptions: a relativistic model #words
  • Cognoscenti is probably the best word. #words
  • The opiate for the masses. The opiate for the masters. The opiate for the missus. #words
  • tragi-comic #words
  • sliding swiftly into the obdurate past #words
  • spinning dystrophies of inalienability #words

Expanding on the literary theme, here's a series of sentences that might make good starts to novels:

  • I can't stop thinking about the silver Mary I saw at the Sacre Couer #novelstarts
  • And thus began my long love affair with the Q train. #novelstarts
  • She started pointedly: my guilty pleasure is stalking you. #novelstarts
  • It was all the things I had not done yet that kept me awake, instead of all the things that I had that put me to sleep. #novelstarts
  • all of our conversations were just lines of this screen play i was unwittingly writing called You & Me #novelstarts
  • The saddest sadist you'll ever meet lives ... #novelstarts
  • Character assassination was the strategy. Twitter bots, the chosen methodology. #novelstarts
  • "I just want to spend the rest of tonight at disco karoke with Hotline Bling on repeat," she said, breaking into a slow robot. #novelstarts
  • El Doctor te veras. #novelstarts

Heat of the Tweet

Finally, here's a 'heat map' of tweeting from the last 10 years. And yes, I did swipe the formatting from the Github repo's heat map.

2009 Mon Wed Fri
2010 Mon Wed Fri
2011 Mon Wed Fri
2012 Mon Wed Fri
2013 Mon Wed Fri
2014 Mon Wed Fri
2015 Mon Wed Fri
2016 Mon Wed Fri
2017 Mon Wed Fri
2018 Mon Wed Fri
2019 Mon Wed Fri
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